Sisterhood Studio

We are a multi-disciplinary creative studio specialising in visual communications and design strategy. Our work strives to place people at the centre of all we do. We believe in designing with instead of for. 

Be part of Sisterhood

When we take on projects, we immerse ourselves in your world, and we want to extend the opportunity to you as well.

Therefore while you would commission us for our design services, we also have an additional opportunity for you to contribute and support the next generation of girls’ by sponsoring our Sisterhood Schools programme.



Made by girls for girls. 

Collaboration is one of the key elements at Sisterhood, and we believe that everything we do should integrate into all aspects of Sisterhood.

As part of this, we have introduced ‘Live Briefs’ - this is where either we take on a project or you have approached us with a particular brief that we feel matches with our values at Sisterhood School. The brief is presented to the girls in our School programme and we work alongside them to deliver the brief.

It provides the girls with real world work experience and it gives you the opportunity to have work created by those who are directly impacted by what you do or provide.