co-founding sisterhood

Classmates, Flatmates, Co-Founders and Sisters - Rachita & Rebecca co-founded Sisterhood whilst studying Communication Design at Central Saint Martins.


how it all began…

In our cohort of 525 students enrolled onto BA Graphic Design, 372 were female.In fact, in 2010 it was revealed that only 40% of designers were women, in startling contrast to the 70% of female design students. (Design Council Report)

Sisterhood started as an investigation on the ratio of girls with design degrees vs. those in the industry (with 372/525 students being female in our own cohort). This lead us to find the vast gender disparities prevalent not only in the creative field but across many industries.


Two hands,
two perspectives,
two voices
working side by side

“Living Sisterhood -  Both Rachita and Rebecca truly live and breathe Sisterhood, for them Sisterhood is not something they do as ‘work’ but the way in which they both approach life and this is even apparent in their creative partnership. They are constantly learning and growing alongside the young girls they work with.”


Authentic Leadership

They are setting out a path of what it means to be an authentic leader by showing young people that you can achieve your dreams and create a career for yourself with the resources and means you have at present. They are always supporting and championing the young girls and their fellow peers.


A huge part of the design process is cultivating empathy, Rachita & Rebecca consciously build empathy by placing themselves within communities to understand different perspectives and place yourself in someone else’s world.


It takes a lot of courage and perseverance to start your own business at such a young age and both co-founders have immense resilience. Their passion to see the next generation of girls be equipped to fulfill their potential and pay it forward to the generations after them is what keeps them going. In any battlefield, you’ll be sure to find them as the last women standing.

Creative Confidence

They both bring creativity not only to the design aspect of Sisterhood but into every area, from research to strategy. Being practising designers they are always upskilling, experimenting and taking risks to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity. Both Rachita and Rebecca are intentional about unleashing the creativity that lies in each person.

“One of the great initiatives to come out of Central Saint Martins this year”

jeremy till - Head of Central Saint Martins and Pro Vice-Chancellor of University of the Arts London


DBACE: Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs | Finalists 2019

Yunus&Youth Fellows | Global Fellowship 2019 Cohort

Adidas London | 2019 Women’s History Month Campaign

Changemakerxchange Ashoka + Tom’s | Social Entrepreneur

Livity | 2018 Creatives in Residence

Silicon Beached | 2018 Keynote Speakers

Eurobest | 2018 Cultural Insiders

Cannes Lions x Google | 2018 Roger Hatchuel Academy

Camden Collective | 2017 Business in Residence

The Young Foundation x Bank of America Merrill Lynch | 2017 Accelerator Programme

Creative Bloq | 2015 New Talent: Central Saint Martins

ELLE | 2015 Top 100 Creative Graduates