everyday materials
meaningful messages


In collaboration with Kriti Monga, a designer, illustrator and the brain child behind Typerventions from India uses everyday materials to spell meaningful messages in Brixton during Brixton Design Festival.


Civic + Community




The Brief

“The best thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return”

David Bowie

Brixton Design Trail theme, ‘We Belong’ is all about celebrating togetherness by “exploring what it means to live in the heart of Europe’s most diverse city”. No neighbourhood in London has a more vibrant, multi-ethnic vibe than Bohemian spirited, colour-craft-flavour-music-filled Brixton. Befittingly, we celebrated a day of joyfully creating together with local everyday materials that reflect this spirit, and spelled a quote from Brixton-born superstar David Bowie.


The - Electrical Tape
Greatest - Citrus Fruits
Thing - Pom-Poms
You’ll - Chips
Ever - Tomatoes
Learn - Coffee

Is To - Peppers
Love - Gold Stickers
And Be - Bindis
Loved - Paper Origami
In - electrical Tape
Return - Stickers