#FridayFive | 19.04.2019

Do Attend

SASS (South Asian Sisters Speak) are hosting and evening of creativity based on Meera Syal’s book ‘Life is not all HaHaHeeHee’ (Meera will be there herself, and if anybody has watched Goodness Gracious Me then this is not to be missed) - https://bit.ly/2PczxP3

Good Tips

How to Market Yourself wIthout Marketing Yourself - https://bit.ly/2KNPoFg

Good Project to know

Inhouse Records is a record label based in prisons, working with inmates to develop music and business skills and hold awesome jam sessions - https://www.inhouserecords.org/


Deep Listening = More Creativity - https://adobe.ly/2YJ3V7Y

Good Book

Start With Why by Simon Sinek - for anyone leading on a project or doing their own thing, Simon breaks down how leaders inspire action.