#FridayFive | 23.08.2019

Doing Good

In this Polish village, girls are being trained for skills traditionally reserved for male villagers such as fire fighting.

Good To Know

New York Times archive on a study on young girls & self-esteem, unfortunately we still have a way to go.


Good Opportunity

Know someone in your community who has created an initiative that has bought joy & inspiration, nominate them for Giff Gaff’s ‘The Community Project’  Nominate them to appreciate their work and give them a helping hand.

Good Project To Know

Design CAN is a movement to really push the boundaries of the creative industry, especially who and how it is represented. With great resources to inform and educate yourself on creating a diverse design field.

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Good Read

This weeks list comes from Barack Obama’s annual Summer Reading List with a special shout out to the collective works of the late & great Toni Morrison.