Where's Mollie x Sisterhood

Sisterhood Studio | Co-Creating a Collection of Prints with Mollie Bylett

Back in Spring, Sisterhood spent the day print-making with Mollie bringing her ideas to life and her dream to fruition of launching a collection of prints inspired by her travels. 

Photography: Mollie Bylett

Photography: Mollie Bylett

Mollie is the adventure travel blogger, photographer, videographer, creative and travel expert behind ‘Where’s Mollie?’.

Photography: Mollie Bylett

Photography: Mollie Bylett

Mollie is the CEO of Where’s Mollie Global Travellers (WMGT), the tour operator she launched in 2017 to give people the chance to join her on bespoke Where’s Mollie adventures.

Mollie recently launched the WMGT Shop, for home and outdoor adventure-based pieces and  together we have been co-creating the pilot collection which includes a series of hand-picked and written quotes by Mollie accompanied by the print-making created at one of our Sisterhood workshops. 

This collaboration with Mollie has been creative, fun and full of passion and energy; Mollie is a creative visionary and we have loved providing the tools and training she needed to turn her ideas into creations! 

The collection launches later this month, and we can't wait to get our hands on one! 


1. Good to watch: If you haven’t seen this video on how social media affects our self-esteem - then you must watch, so well made: https://bit.ly/2Ie6idk

2. Good to know: Why we need more visibility for women-led business: https://bit.ly/2fcnJhk

3. Spread the Good News: Do you know any 18-25 year old aspiring journalists? Young Storymakers is seeking out writers, videographers & photojournalists to be part of a programme providing professional skills & opportunities to budding journalists. https://bit.ly/2Y2fNl3

4. Resource: Sky is offering 5 women an opportunity to get their tech project up and running (inc. a £25,000 bursary). Apply here: www.skywomenintechscholars.com/

5. Good Book: Grit by Angela Duckworth - an in depth research into how passion and resilience are the key factors to success.

Friday Five


1. Spread the Good News: Bank of England are offering university scholarships for black students, if you know anyone heading towards further education, please share: https://bit.ly/2TVXr6h

2. Good Project to Know: Izzy Wheels - Izzy and her sister collaborate with artists & designers from all over the world to design colourful, and stylised wheels for those who use wheelchairs - their mission is to add an individual's personality into their wheels: https://bit.ly/2TIsKNE

3. Do Good: Looking to buy products that are good for you and do good at the same time? Indie Foolheea has started Control Change, curating sustainable products. Find them at Fat Macy’s Supper Club in April: www.fatmacys.org/supperclubs

4. Resource: Use Dr.Seuss's strategy to create work: https://bit.ly/2W4dUTR

5. Good Book: Becoming by Michelle Obama - an honest and beautiful depiction of how a fiery little girl from Chicago became the courageous First Lady.


Izzy Wheels -  https://bit.ly/2TIsKNE