#Friday Five | 12.07.2019

Good News

Have you seen 15 year old Cory Coco Gauff smashing serve after serve at Wimbledon this year - https://bit.ly/2JsAHor


Do Attend

Trailblazers in partnership with Gal-dem are convening some amazing women together for an evening of inspiration on how to blaze a trail for yourself - https://bit.ly/2Y39qB7


Good Project To Know

The Happy Newspaper - a visual newspaper celebrating all that is good in the world - https://thehappynewspaper.com/


Design Questions Library curated by D.School is an online library filled with links and resources to deepen your understanding of design and creativity - https://dlibrary.stanford.edu/questions

Good Read

Text Me When You Get Home by Kayleen Schafer is an exploration into the evolution and triumph of modern female friendships.



1. Good to watch: If you haven’t seen this video on how social media affects our self-esteem - then you must watch, so well made: https://bit.ly/2Ie6idk

2. Good to know: Why we need more visibility for women-led business: https://bit.ly/2fcnJhk

3. Spread the Good News: Do you know any 18-25 year old aspiring journalists? Young Storymakers is seeking out writers, videographers & photojournalists to be part of a programme providing professional skills & opportunities to budding journalists. https://bit.ly/2Y2fNl3

4. Resource: Sky is offering 5 women an opportunity to get their tech project up and running (inc. a £25,000 bursary). Apply here: www.skywomenintechscholars.com/

5. Good Book: Grit by Angela Duckworth - an in depth research into how passion and resilience are the key factors to success.