creating with confidence.

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Sisterhood is a creative design programme for girls aged 13-17 to unleash their creative confidence.

Sisterhood raises awareness and develops a personal understanding of the positive impact being a confident young girl can make on her future success. We deliver creative programmes to build confidence and self-esteem in young girls (age 13-17), so that we can help young girls in realising their full potential and go on to become the leaders, creators and changemakers.



A girls’ teenage years lays the foundations of how a woman builds and develops confidence to positively impact her future. We place an emphasis on girls being comfortable with who they are, finding what they’re passionate about and having the skills and platform to use it for good.


A universal tool that reaches beyond the arts. It is not talent, gene or privilege that makes you creative but a muscle within all of us that can be flexed when given the tools and platform to be creative.




We are growing as a team to deliver our mission to boost confidence in young girls through creativity whilst striving to be the people we needed when we were younger.

Meet our advisory board

These are some of the wonderful, creative people we work with and would definitely recommend to collaborate with.