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Rich Mix is one of the capital's most diverse and dynamic arts centres which hosts live arts and cultural events. The school 21 sisters pitched an event concept which would mark the launch of their online platform to a panel of creative and industry experts.

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Join these teenagers as they set out to redefine the narrative and standards of beauty for young girls and women!

Students from School 21 invite you to the launch of  We Recognise - a digital platform that uses the power of storytelling to help girls embrace natural beauty from diverse cultures.

On 12 September, School 21 students with the support of Sisterhood will be transforming Rich Mix for an evening of conversations and activities on the power of creativity to challenge and create culture. The evening will consist of panel discussion*, workshops and even a confidence catwalk all curated and hosted by School 21 students.

*Special Guests include Izzey Whiteley (Founder of That's What She Said), Jennifer Okolo founder of She Aspires and a Dove Beauty Ambassador, Two Brown Girls, Azeema Magazine, Pretty Girl Problems + School 21 education professionals.

The event and project aims to encourage young girls and women to challenge beauty norms, embrace their natural beauty and ask how we can collectively work together in creating a culture in which every girl can dare to be her natural self!



60 teachers, creatives, young people, family members and professionals came to the launch of We Recognise.


Glamour Magazine / Livity / The Wing

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