Building confidence
with her own creativity.


our vision

We see a world where every girl has the opportunity to find her voice and communicate what she cares about confidently and creatively.


our mission


To bring design education to the 21st century by using creativity as the vehicle for social change to positively impact girls and their futures.

Hands on, practical and creative programmes that will give her the tools to gain confidence, courage, charisma and the choice to make a positive change.

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Our Purpose

Sisterhood provides a platform for girls to turn their words into action through creative programmes, by encouraging girls to re-imagine, collaborate and provide creative solutions to personally and socially relevant issues.



of girls aged 11-21 think women don’t have the same chances as men compared to 53% in 2011

(girls attitude survey 2018)


of girls aged 7-21 say they are very happy compared to 41% in 2009

(girls attitude survey 2018)


of girls aged 11-21 don’t think politicians understand the issues girls and young women face today

(girls attitude survey 2017)


what is it like for young girls and women growing up today?

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