Sisterhood Schools

Sisterhood School delivers creative programmes for young girls (age 13-17) to build confidence and self esteem. Through our 12-15 week programme (in schools, after school clubs & summer programme) participants create a positive change project for socially or personally relevant issues that impact them from body image to larger social issues such as gender inequality.

Teenage girl smiling and laughing

Katie, 13 - Hackney Laces

“I have learned to not care about what people think about girls playing football. I want to change and challenge stereotypes, so future girls look back and are as shocked about how people treated female footballers like I was shocked at the fact women weren’t allowed to vote 100 years ago.”


“todays girls are tomorrows women -

and leaders.”

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The programmes take a design-based approach to help girls explore larger social and systemic issues that affect them. We provide a safe and inclusive space for participants to collaborate together and forge meaningful friendships. Each programme provides young girls with:

The Confidence to Be Themselves

  • Participants identifying key issues that affects their everyday lives to work on. This is done through sharing personal experience, extensive research, debate and discussion. The group comes to a joint agreement on one issue that they have come to care deeply about.

  • Every participant is given a self-reflection journal, which they use to log their processes, learnings and progress through the programme.

The Courage to Act

  • Each participant learns the Double Diamond (see Design Council) method, which they use to go from problem to designed outcome.

  • Working in small groups and big teams to create visual outcomes for their project.

  • Specialist skills training (depending on what skills they require to complete their project) e.g. creative software, pitching, budgeting etc.

The Charisma to Inspire Others

  • Access to creative hubs and spaces - with every programme participants visit a variety of spaces to launch their project from cultural venues, galleries, museums etc.